Amusement Electronics a division of Zanigames, that specializes in manufacturing interactive leading edge electronic shooting galleries for over 50 years. With over 25 themed galleries to choose from, Zanigames offers the largest selection of custom galleries in the industry. Zanigames takes pride in working with each of our clients to create an exceptional gallery that provides lasting entertainment for their particular location. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a high quality electronic system and a robust animation system that are user friendly and reliable. We don’t use complicated computer systems that can cause the entire game to be disabled. Instead, we have designed individual components for each gun position and LED targets that are dependable and easy to understand. Our galleries are individually hand crafted and tailored to fit our buyer’s exact requirements and themed locations. All of our galleries can be converted to portable units, trailer units or stand alone units.



Our goal at Amusement Electronics is to provide an exciting interactive game that maximizes play and profits for owners. We pride ourselves in providing cutting edge themes that are built to last for decades of entertainment and family fun. Many of our galleries pay for themselves in just a few months and generate reliable income year after year. Give us a call and let us show you how a Zanigames Shooting Gallery can add value and attraction to your next event or location!

Give us a call today to see how one of our amusement games can transform your next event or existing venue!