Our NEW Roll-N-Ball game is a popular addition to any event! This impressive game features slick modern tables, LED panels, lighting throughout and a superior sound system. This game has been designed with the intent to elevate your next event by adding a superior microphone system to the game for an announcer to attract attention to the game. Best of all Roll-N-Ball is totally customizable for all types of events.

The Roll-N-Ball carnival game can be set up for two to four players all racing at once. Once all the players are ready, the starting bell will sound. At the sound of the bell, a set of special balls will be released for each player. Each player will roll their balls down the alley toward the set of nine holes at the opposite end. Each hole is colored red, blue, or yellow and make the players figure move forward at a quick speed. Get a ball in a red hole and your figure will move forward slowly, a blue hole will make it go fast, while a yellow hole will keep your figure moving slowly.

The game will end when one player’s figures have made it all the way to the finish line. The racing Roll-N-Ball carnival game will ring the finish bell and light up the number of the player that won to let everyone know who had the fastest figure! After the race ends, the racing Roll-N-Ball Carnival Game will automatically reset itself, locking the balls back down and moving the figures back to the starting line, ready for the next race.

The Roll-N-Ball game can be set up for two to four players. This makes it a great game no matter the size of your party or event. The Roll-N-Ball game is also very quick and the automatic reset lets lots of people get the chance to experience the fun.

It’s the ultimate racing game!

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