Zanigames specializes in interactive amusement games. We have been manufacturing amusement games and creating life long memories for 50 years! Our goal at Zanigames is to provide a special and memorable experience for every event imaginable. Today we are the premier choice for theme parks, family entertainment centers, carnivals, restaurants, and special events throughout the world. At Zanigames we pride ourselves in listening to our clients needs and offering a wide variety of high end custom entertainment to accommodate their specific event.

Zanigames strives to make your vision come to life. Our creative team is eager to listen to your requests and provide you with exceptional service and quality. Our knowledgable staff can offer customization to our games to suit any event, budget or personal style. Our team of designers excels in quality craftsmanship and modern creativity that will elevate your next event.

We are excited to offer our clients a sleek new contemporary design of some of our most classic and perinnial games! Our new line of contemporary games encourages our clients to keep their venue current and profit generating.

All of our games come with a generous warranty and excellent customer support. In addition our games come with an extemely reliable electronic system designed for maximum play and profit. Our goal is to provide an exceptional interactive game experience that maximizes profits, adds ascetic appeal to your  location and last decades.


Give us a call today to see how one of our amusement games can transform your next event or existing venue!